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Are Onions Helpful for Testosterone, Osteoporosis, Allergy symptoms, and Most cancers?

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Onions are probably a superb supply of antioxidants, although, apparently, the antioxidants are concentrated within the outer layers instantly beneath the papery peel. Sadly, most shoppers discard these most nutrient-rich outermost layers, thus shedding a helpful half. Listed below are some numbers. Take a look at that! Greater than 10 instances extra antioxidants within the outer layer of white onions, in comparison with the core. You’ll additionally observe that yellow onions basically have extra antioxidants than white. And pink onions beat them each, primarily based on three totally different antioxidant testing strategies. That’s why I at all times attempt to purchase pink. Although pink onions are certainly barely higher, yellow or white onions aren’t any slouches, containing appreciable ranges of antioxidant exercise. So, nutritious, positive, however are there any specific scientific advantages to onion consumption? There are grammatically challenged titles like this within the medical literature purporting all kinds of miraculous advantages. However what do they base these claims on?

For instance, right here’s a assessment purporting to have proof that testosterone in males is enhanced by onion, however the researchers have been speaking about research like this on the consequences of onion juice after testicular torsion . . . in rats. Who cares what occurs after a rat testicle is rotated 720 levels counterclockwise? (Besides, in fact, the rat.) You don’t know what occurs in folks till you place human testes to the take a look at and . . . onion extracts don’t seem to work.

Okay, what about bone well being? Evidently, older white girls who consumed onions not less than as soon as a day had an general bone density that was 5 p.c better than people who consumed onions not more than as soon as a month (P < 0.03). Now 5 p.c won’t sound like lots, however that enchancment in bone density might probably translate into reducing their danger of hip fracture by greater than 20 p.c if, certainly, it was trigger and impact.

Every day administration of onion did trigger an enormous bump in bone density. This opens the likelihood for a low-cost, secure, and efficient dietary strategy to osteoporosis and—you guessed it—within the rat. One other rodent research. Rats!

However lastly, right here we go. Large strides have been made in treating osteoporosis with medication, however they’ve the potential for critical hostile unintended effects, so scientists have drawn their consideration to pure cures. So, let’s randomize folks to drink onion juice or placebo onion juice. I don’t know what sounds worse: sugary onion juice or pretend sugary onion juice. And as if consuming onion juice wasn’t dangerous sufficient, it was all for nothing. It didn’t even work.

What in regards to the anti-allergy actions of shallots, and any therapeutic results on serving to allergic runny noses? Sixteen such sufferers have been randomized equally into an antihistamine group, or a bunch that received antihistamines plus some capsules containing dried shallot powder. And it seemed just like the shallot group did higher, however there was truly no statistically important distinction in complete signs between the 2 teams; so, one other #OnionFail. There must be one thing onions can do.

What about testing the consequences of contemporary yellow onion consumption on breast most cancers sufferers to attempt to lower the poisonous results of a chemotherapy drug known as doxorubicin? Sadly, no important profit was discovered on reducing harm to the liver or coronary heart.

However right here we go . . . lastly, a scientific profit to onions. The consumption of contemporary yellow onion ameliorates the excessive blood sugars and insulin resistance in breast most cancers sufferers throughout doxorubicin-based chemotherapy. Doxorubicin isn’t simply poisonous to the liver and coronary heart, however it might additionally contribute to insulin resistance. So, let’s do a randomized, triple-blind, managed scientific trial randomizing sufferers to love an entire onion a day. or a 3rd of an onion a day. What occurred? The high-onion group skilled a big lower in blood sugars and insulin resistance in comparison with the low-onion group. They went up within the low-onion group, however down within the high-onion group. So, make onions your good friend. What’s the worst that may occur—a little bit onion breath and BO? Most likely the least of your worries if in case you have most cancers on chemotherapy.

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